Elastic Therapeutic Tapes

This a new and revolutionary solution of medicine used to treat and prevent injuries that arise in active sports like football and rugby. They help to avoid muscle injury, knee and back pains. Therapeutic elastic tapes are easy to use and simple to apply. These elastic therapeutic tapes differ from the conventional athletic strapping tapes whose main aim was to restrict muscle movement. The main purpose of the elastic therapeutic tapes is to create a bridge over the injured area to allow free movement by the athletes.

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There are different types of elastic therapeutic tapes available in the markets. Many online medical stores offer a wide variety of these elastic therapeutic tapes. Customers can find the best type of tape for them online. However, it is recommended to consult your doctor before going to purchase an elastic therapeutic belt. Your doctor will advise you on the right type of elastic tape that will suit your needs.

Benefits of elastic therapeutic tapes

Pain relief

Elastic therapeutic tapes are flexible and offer support for weak and injured parts of the body. These tapes are very elastic, and they move with the body to provide adequate support for your body without the tape slipping. By providing support to the injured muscles, the elastic therapeutic tapes offer pain relief.

Muscle support

Elastic therapeutic tapes support the athletes’ muscles by providing physical assistance and tactile reaction through the skin. Overused and tired muscles excrete lactic acids that pile up in the muscles, which hinder the athletes’ ability to continue exercising. When elastic therapeutic tapes are used in this area, they help the acids that may have piled up and therefore enhance quicker recovery of the muscles.

Swelling reduction

Elastic therapeutic tapes lift your skin through its elastic properties. It, therefore, creates a vacuum effect that allows your lymphatic and venous drainage systems to completely drain the bruised or swollen tissue to allow for quicker relief. It is also proved that these elastic tapes assist in the removal of byproducts that are formed after exercise. This greatly reduces post-workout soreness.


Although elastic therapeutic tapes have taken the industry by storm, many healthcare experts distance themselves from the tapes. However, there has been no concrete evidence to show that the tapes do not work and many athletes continue to use it to relief pain and heal quicker. Many have also supported the fact that it can enhance athletes’ performance. They argue that these athletes have the edge over their counterparts who do not use the elastic therapeutic tapes.