Five tips to help avoid asthma triggers

According to statistics about over fifty million Americans suffer from at least one type of allergy. Most of them are not severe. However, its worth noting that some of them can expose you to life-threatening allergic reactions like anaphylaxis. Because there is lots of information about asthma online many people are now aware of their triggers and how to side-step them. If you want to avoid your asthma triggers, then stick to the tips as mentioned below.

Identify allergy hotspots

Your home or office can have numerous allergy hotspots that can trigger your asthma. Such places are invaded by mold, dust mites, and pollens. The allergens are not visible to the naked eye and accumulate in cluttered desks, floor carpets, and stock rooms. If your co-workers also have asthma, you should request your employer to carry out a risk assessment test to discover their triggers and have them removed.


Ensure proper ventilation

Clean air is necessary everywhere. It’s among the many reasons why you should ensure proper ventilation in your home and office. Make sure that you keep your windows closed especially in the morning and in the evening if your asthma is trigger by pollen because these are the times when pollen counts are elevated.

Quit smoking

If your kid has asthma, then you should avoid smoking at home or near your kids. Smoking is one of the many triggers of asthma in kids. Make sure that you never allow anyone to smoke near your kids and teach them not to start smoking when they grow up.

Avoid certain medication

Many types of medication might increase the chances of triggering your asthma symptoms. Some of the drugs that you should stay away from if you have asthma include aspirin and other NSAIDs. And that is not all. Medication used to manage high blood pressure contain beta blockers that asthmatics are sensitive to like their asthma trigger. Ensure that you speak to your doctor openly about your asthma so that you sidestep taking medication that is harmful to you.

Exercise with caution

3Some people with allergic asthma have exercise-induced asthma. The heavy breathing induces it during outdoor exercise. Also, exposure to environmental triggers can increase your chances of having allergic asthma. If exercising outdoors triggers your asthma then you should talk to your doctor about the medications that you should take. Research about the exercises that are suitable for people with asthma-like dancing or indoor cycling. No matter the practices that you plan to do, keep your equipment dust and mold free. Lastly, avoid exercising in cold weather because your chances of getting an asthma attack will increase.

Asthma is just like many other chronic conditions and requires a constant treatment and management regimen. Before buying medicines for asthma, its essential talk to your doctor to find out which medications are right for your case. Make sure that you visit your doctor if you realize your asthma symptoms are becoming worse. Besides, stick to the hints as mentioned above to improve the quality of your life.